Program Update

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Spring Semester is officially over! Thank you to all who helped make it a wonderful semester. Our staff and site coordinators spend the last few weeks re-assessing our students. We are so happy to report that almost all students improved reading levels by at least one level, and in some cases up to three!

We are lucky to have volunteers from S&P Global working on some STEM activities with our students at our Uptown and Lakeview locations. At Uptown, they read Iggy Peck, Architect to the students and worked with the students to build structures from dry pasta and marshmallows. The students were so excited to be working together!

We are working hard on our Summer Program, set to begin June 26. Summer will feature stations during program, meaning students will partake in a different activities and rotate around. We will have some great enrichment partners, including Hope, Harmony, & Healing, and Code Play Learn. Thank you to anyone that donated to our ILGive fundraising effort for Hope, Harmony, & Healing!
If you or anyone you know is interested in being involved in Summer Program, let us know! Have a great start to your summer.