Program Update


Program is continuing to go well! Recently, Amanda Miley exited her position as Program Manager of HOPES, and is now the Director of Development at Injustice Watch. Kristin White, our Volunteer Coordinator, has now stepped into the role of Program Manager! If you see her, congratulate her!

The pilot of the Leveled Literacy Intervention program has started at our Lakeview site, and students and volunteers alike are enjoying it. We hope to continue to provide quality reading intervention for all our students.

Literacy Mentors 

Mentors went into a nostalgic frenzy as they surveyed the chapter books that their mentees would be able to choose from which included titles such as: Lord of the Flies, The Watsons Go To Birmingham - 1963, and Harriet the Spy. A week later, the mentors were slightly dismayed as they realized that their mentees did not share their nostalgia. Nonetheless, the mentees were excited to choose a book to take home and explore. 

March 6th marked the first day of Literacy Mentors, which is a one-to-one mentoring program for middle school aged youth who are experiencing homelessness. In this program, mentors and mentees meet up once a week to eat snacks, engage in fruitful conversations and discussions, and read a chapter book of their liking. 

One mentee finished her book in week and was eager to choose another one. Another mentee spends a little more time talking to her mentee about school than she does reading. Others become more outspoken during discussions on topics such as healthy friendships and my future self. What is important is that our mentees are building positive relationships with caring adults who are good role models. 

Currently the program is running at our South Shore and Lakeview locations serving eleven mentees. We are hoping to expand to other sites in the near future. Please click here if you are interested in becoming a Literacy Mentor.