Program Update

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Summer Program is heading into week two! We’re so excited to spend summer with our students. Summer has a bit of a difference in structure. Instead of homework time, literacy time, and enrichment being separate, we have stations at each site. The day starts with a read-aloud, and then students move through different activities, some based on the book, and one station for literacy. We’ll also be expanding our Leveled Literacy Intervention program to more sites.

We want to congratulate our Program Coordinator Xavier Mann on his new position at the organization One Million Degrees! He’ll only be at HOPES for a little while longer, so be sure to congratulate him if you see him.

This summer, we’ve been fortunate enough to hire six summer VISTA associates. They work at our office as well as acting as site coordinators, so they’re a helpful bridge between the staff and programs. We’re also welcoming our new year-long VISTA, Latoya Jones, to the program team!

We hope to make it a wonderful summer. Thanks to everyone who gives their time and energy to help us get to this goal!