Program Update



Program kicked off on the first of October and things have been moving at a rapid pace ever since! In the midst of new, improved curriculum for the semester, program revisions to support students’ social and emotional development and math learning and preparing to open a new program site in November, we have welcomed several new Site Coordinators to the program as well. New, exciting possibilities abound for our program this semester!

Carrying over from summer session, we have introduced weekly themes to the curriculum this semester. Welcoming and team building, exploring art, understanding friendship and visiting strange worlds are a few of the themes making an appearance this month. Newly designed logs to track reading history and charts to support the kids with their behavior and emotions have been sent out to sites, and bookshelves at every site have been stocked with fresh books. Enrichment partners also start up this month, including new partnerships with After School Matters and The Red Cross.

We are happy to be expanding our middle school programming to Cornerstone this month, joining House of the Good Shepherd with Literacy Mentors and Math Circles. Dance and music programming has also been initiated at shelter sites, giving kids exposure to the arts. Family Game Nights are in full effect as well, and families are enjoying themselves tremendously with exciting rounds of Jumbo UNO, spades and board games of every type. Parent workshops have been held at several shelters, connecting families with counseling support and helpful information to self-advocate and take informed action.

Our programming is so multi-faceted! I’m always grateful for the support and talents of our Site Coordinators and volunteers who make things come alive week after week. Thank you so much for all that you bring to Chicago HOPES for Kids!