Program Update

Greetings friends,

Happy 2019! We here at Chicago HOPES for Kids are looking forward to a fun-filled year of impactful programming and memorable experiences. There are a lot of new faces at our program; we have welcomed seven new Site Coordinators for Spring 2019! Our new team of Site Coordinators is comprised of truly remarkable, dedicated, talented and caring individuals, and I am very excited about what they will bring to their sites.

At Cornerstone Community Outreach we welcome new Site Coordinators Hannah Knitter and Kieran McAvoy and AmeriCorps member Mel Whitehouse as Literacy Mentors lead; at House of the Good Shepherd we welcome Gabrielle Gigot as the new Site Coordinator and Myles Teague, who is returning for another round of Literacy Mentors programming. At SRHAC we welcome back Tenzin Phagdol and incoming Site Coordinator Carly Blumfield; Primo Homan will be graced by Jacqueline de la Torre. At Primo Englewood Site Coordinator Toni Williamson will be returning, and new Site Coordinator Helen Gebregiorgis joins the team. At Family Rescue, we are thrilled to have Walden Putterman returning, and Sharonda Tutson joining us.

The month of January is filled with lots of preparation for program, which commences on Monday, February 4th. Several Site Coordinators, HOPES staff members and AmeriCorps volunteers are currently participating in a series of domestic violence training courtesy of Connections for Abused Women and their Children (CAWC). Additionally, Site Coordinators are receiving weeklong training to prepare them for all of the aspects of leading programming at sites, from using technology to conducting reading assessments. We have worked hard to organize our space, deliver fresh items and furnishings to program, and update curriculum. There’s no shortage of things to be done!

Thanks as always to the AmeriCorps members, staff, Site Coordinators and partners of every kind who together make this endeavor successful and worthwhile. See you next month!