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This Giving Tuesday I’m asking for donations to support Chicago HOPES for Kids, a nonprofit providing education programs for children living in Chicago’s homeless shelters. I am raising funds to reach more emergent readers in 2019 with critical literacy tools, assessment and inspiration to help them become proficient readers. HOPES is focusing on this group because we know that 80% of third graders reading above grade level will graduate high school. With greater investment in literacy, HOPES can do more to address student needs and encourage a lifelong love of reading. Please donate to my fundraiser below!

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Did you know that Chicago Public Schools reported serving 17,894 homeless students during this school year? Every time one of those students has to move schools, they can fall 3-6 months behind in school. This Giving Tuesday I’m asking for donations to support Chicago HOPES for Kids, an organization that provides direct service in the shelters to give these students the resources needed to do well in school. Please donate to my fundraiser below!

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Statistics from Chicago Coalition for the Homeless:

How many homeless students are in Chicago?

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) reported serving 17,894 homeless students during the 2017-18 school year.

This is 1.2%, or 223 students, fewer than the prior school year, but total CPS enrollment also dropped. The share of homeless students enrolled in CPS remains about the same, at 4.8% of total enrollment.

CPS data shows that 88% of homeless CPS students live doubled-up in the homes of others due to hardship, usually in overcrowded conditions.

Another 10.7%, or 1,918 students, lived in shelters. Less than 1% of students lived in motels (151), in a park or other public place (52), or in a temporary foster care placement (12).

Other CPS data shows that 11.4% (2,041) were “unaccompanied youth,” defined as teens who are homeless and living on their own, without a parent or guardian.

Chicago’s homeless students are overwhelmingly children of color, at 98.3%. The demographics show 81.2% of students were black, 15.6% Latinx, 1.7% white, and 1.5% other ethnicities.

Another 23.4% of students were diagnosed with disabilities or developmental delays.

How many homeless people, including students, live in Illinois?

A report by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) states that 32,902 Illinois residents were served in state-funded shelters in FY 2016. Of this, 9,106 were children under age 18 and 23,796 were adults, living in 22,852 households. IDHS reports that this included 23.5% who previously lived in emergency shelters, about 14% lived on the street or in cars and other non-housing; 34% lived doubled-up in the homes of others.

Homeless school enrollment is also a reliable barometer of family homelessness. In July 2018, the Illinois State Board of Education reported that public schools identified 56,881 homeless students in the 2017-18 school year, a year’s increase of 4% or 2,212 students.

That’s more than double what it was during the only school year that the state of Illinois contributed support beyond federal funds for homeless school programs. In 2008-09, $3 million in state grants were awarded to 36 school districts statewide. Illinois schools identified 26,688 homeless students that year.