You have heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but have you heard about Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019, is a global day of celebration dedicated to helping others through the gift of a donation, your time, goods and your voice. The #GivingTuesday movement counterbalances the increasing commercialization around the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Why Give?

Every time a child experiencing homelessness has to relocate schools they can fall 3 to 6 months behind in school. This means that they will have new teachers, new peers, and often an entirely new curriculum learning new material. 
It is so important that students are reading at or above grade level by 3rd grade because if they do, they are 80% more likely to graduate high school.

why literacy?

We help students unlock their own potential by ensuring that the children receive the necessary academic support needed to keep up in school. More importantly, we seek to foster a positive relationship with learning that will give our students hope for the future. Our program gives students the instructional continuity they need to foster a lifelong love of reading- because if you can read, you can do anything. 

How can i get involved?

It’s our amazing volunteers working one on one with the students that make a daily impact in our students lives. Nora said it best, “If an hour and fifteen minutes of their day is better, that’s an impact, then.” Even more, our students have shown improvement. 85% of students in our program have advanced at least one reading level per semester. If you are interested in making a daily impact in these students lives, please click HERE and apply to become a volunteer, today.

Giving Tuesday 2018

This past Giving Tuesday HOPES was raising funds to reach more emergent readers in 2019 with critical literacy tools, assessment and inspiration to help them become proficient readers. We are focusing on this group because we know that 80% of third graders reading above grade level will graduate high school (Chapin Hall, University of Chicago).  With greater investment in literacy, HOPES can do more to address student needs and encourage a lifelong love of reading.  

We want to thank all who donated to help us reach our goal! We will invest in more literacy tools that will engage and inspire young readers - from interactive games and technology to simplified reading books. We also want to invest in more volunteer training opportunities.

We are humbled by your incredible generosity and enthusiasm for our program.