Executive Director Report

Dear Friends of Chicago HOPES for Kids,

The holidays are here!  We had an exciting and enriching program semester.  I want to thank all of our volunteers and staff who helped make this semester special for all our children.  We couldn’t provide the thoughtful, educational, and fun, programming for the children without so many of you giving your time and talents.

Because of you, the growth of HOPES has been remarkable. This semester HOPES provided programming at 9 shelter sites, serving 11 shelters.  We worked with over 100 children daily, Monday-Thursday, for 1½ - 2 hours per day. The children we serve are amazing as well. In spite of residing in shelters, they exhibit a resilience and optimism that has enabled them to improve at least one level in reading (and sometimes more) for each semester they attend HOPES programming.

However, we are sad to say that one of the shelters we served, You Can Make It, located in the Back of the Yard neighborhood, closed in late November, and the families moved to other locations.  We are saddened that children and families were once more displaced while experiencing homelessness.

HOPES has seen amazing growth, but we still have more to do. There are hundreds more children in Chicago shelters who do not participate in after-school programs, who are falling behind in school, who need someone to help them with their homework and to show them that there are caring, concerned adults who want to help them succeed.  

We ask that in this time of giving and sharing, you will remember HOPES and continue to support children and families experiencing homelessness in Chicago.

Wishing each of you a safe and happy holiday,

Patricia Rivera