Executive Director Report

Rita Kahn: Interim Executive Director and Development Manager

 Letter from Executive Director:  

The summer has been full of learning and new experiences for children enrolled in our HOPES summer enrichment program!   

At HOPES, we regard our summer enrichment program as essential because summer slide has a disproportionate impact on students from low-income households.  Studies show that access to books during the summer prevents a drastic loss in reading skills, especially for kids in need. Students from low income households with access to books and reading support over the summer can increase their reading test scores as much as 24% and, conversely, students from low income households without access to books and reading support can experience decreases on reading scores by as much as 9.7%  (source: FirstBook). Our program continues an intensive focus on reading throughout the summer to ensure that it is a time for HOPES students to catch up on literacy, rather than fall further behind. 

In addition to literacy, we always find time to introduce our students to new experiences. On August 7th, students from our Cornerstone shelter were invited to a HOPES rock climbing event at a local gym.  They proved themselves to be quick learners and were climbing increasingly challenging obstacles as the day unfolded.  To conclude our rock climbing adventure, ice cream bars were enjoyed by all.  

We are looking forward to a successful fall semester with HOPES after school programs running in ten shelters throughout the city.   Our Associate Board is leading the way to a successful school year by hosting a cocktail party fundraiser “An Evening at Arbella” on Saturday, October 5th    from 6-9pm. Tickets and more event information are available through Chicago HOPES for Kids Facebook page, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/479987892796574/

Thank you for your ongoing support of Chicago HOPES for Kids and your dedication to helping children experiencing homelessness reach their full potential.  Happy back to school season!   



Rita Kahn 

Interim Executive Director and Development Manager 

Chicago HOPES for Kids